Wimbledon Officials are Strict on Injured Players, Warned of Financial Loss

Wimbledon officials have warned of financial losses to the players who have left the tournament due to injury. The All England Club is bringing the 50-50 rule in Wimbledon this year. After that due to injury, players can be prevented from leaving the men and women singles after the initial stages. This rule can be effective if imposed properly.

Although many players were not fit last year, they started playing in the early stages, so that they could take possession of the prize money. But they got out of the tournament due to injury. In 2017, a total of seven players had withdrawn from the tournament.

Players losing in the first round of the upcoming season will also get around ₹ 35 lakh. This year, the prize money has been increased. It has been increased at every step of the tournament from the first round to the champions.

In such a case, if the players withdraw before the main draw begins till Thursday, then they will get only 50% of the match fees. At the same time, the remaining 50% match fee of that particular match will be paid to the substitute player of the injured player.

But if a player plays in the first round and performs below the professional level then the penalty of the full amount will be imposed on. This provision can also be done.

Wimbledon Officials

Strong Steps against Corruption in Tennis

In Wimbledon, the tournament officials have moved forward towards the end of corruption. According to an independent review report of conscientiousness in tennis, low-ranked female and male players promoted corruption.

In particular, many lower-ranked players on the Future and Challenger Circuits, who were unable to make good money, joined hands with online betting. Now Wimbledon is considering increasing the cut-off marks in the Challenger’s Tournament. Doing so the standard and level of the reputed tournament can be increased.

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