Cristiano Ronaldo face Lionel Messi again tonight

The match for which every football fan is waiting since the UEFA Champions League draw has been done. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will face each other again tonight after almost 2 years since Ronaldo left Real Madrid.

Both the teams have qualified for the knock-out stage of the competition. The result of this match will decide the first and second of the group. But the meeting of two legends has added a cube of extra ice in the coke.

Both the manager, in the pre-match press conference has described the importance of this game. In the first leg, FC Barcelona beat Juventus at Turin by 2-0. Cristiano Ronaldo missed the match as he was affected by the Coronavirus.

Koeman said, “Our objective is to play well and win each game. We won 2-0 away at their ground and took all three points so for that reason we have a great chance of finishing first in the group.”

FC Barcelona has some injury concerns. Gerrard Pique, Ousmane Dembele is out for injury.

“We are missing important players. We will have to look to do the best we can, both technically and tactically, as well as being fresh. Against Juventus we will put out a strong side because we want to finish first in the group.”- Koeman said.

“In our attack, Leo is very important. A lot of attacking play comes from him. He is the best in the world and I don’t think he has made many mistakes defending. It is the work of the whole team to be more aggressive in defense and to be more effective.”- he added.

Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo also knows it will be very tough for his team to score and clinch a victory at Camp Nou.

“Yes, we have to believe it. It will be a difficult match and in part, we must suffer.”- Pirlo said.

“We know we will get opportunities and must exploit them. We should just play openly; we have nothing to lose. Knowing the mistakes in the first leg, but also the good things we have done.”

“We are calm and convinced that anything can happen.”- he added.

Pirlo on his game-plan said, “We watched and reviewed the first leg. Defeats improve the games you have to play and can help you in the future. We definitely need to improve the non-possession phase compared to the first leg. They bring many players up the pitch.”

“We must be tight and try to make them play sideways, where we will have more space to attack them.”

“I don’t think we can talk about a turning point [against Torino]. To change the attitude. We had a completely different attitude in the first and the second half, where we won all the duels. The DNA must never be missing.”- Pirlo added.

Koeman and Pirlo, both the managers were uninterested in comparing two legends. They suggest fans should enjoy both of them.



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