Manchester City vs Paris Saint-Germain: Match Preview

Manchester City will take on Paris Saint-Germain at Etihad Stadium tomorrow to secure their place in the UEFA Champions League final for the very first time.

Pep Guardiola’s men are in an advantageous position after the first leg win at Parc de France. The Manchester City boss has warned his players before the match. In the pre-match press conference, he said, “We don’t want to miss this opportunity, by not being ourselves and doing a good game, I have the feeling we are going to do well.

“They have to understand that this will be a big battle, a tough game with moments to suffer, but I’m pretty sure we are going to react well and impose ourselves.”

“They have to visualize they can do it. What we have to do is no different from what they’ve done in last seven months, go out there, play our game and win.”

“We are not going to demand anything special. We’ve had tough, tough games in the Premier League – the same level as PSG.”

Manchester City defender John Stones said, “I do think with all the things that have happened have made us a stronger team, the disappointment of getting knocked out in harsh circumstances is hard to take so we’ve had to use it, especially this season, as fuel to motivate us.”

“Push forward to take the next step and get our goal to win the Champions League. This season we’ve got a great chance to get to the final, hopefully, we can do it. Just use the emotions of disappointment to motivate us to do better in seasons like this one.”

On the other hand, Paris Saint-Germain is ready to secure their place in the finals for the second consecutive time. Paris Saint Germain star, Neymar still believes that his team can turn the match around. After  PSG’s 2-1 win against Lens in Ligue 1 on Saturday, the Brazilian told the club’s official media channel, “The first thing to do now is to rest and then really refocus on the Champions League.”

“We had a very tough first leg against Manchester City but we have to believe it no matter what the stats say or our percentage chance of winning.”

“I think every Parisian should believe in us! I’m in the front line, and I’ll be the first warrior who goes into battle for the team.”

“I will give the best of myself and I will do anything to bring this back no matter what, even if I have to die on the pitch.”- he added.

Fans can expect a thrilling encounter tomorrow.


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