Top five Champions League goal scorer of all the time

Top five Champions League goalscorer of all the time- always presents as a big controversial topic in the world of football. Who will be in the top five list excites the goal scorers in every club, every year? In the last few years, several stars from several team’s push themselves to be in the top five list.
Robert Lewandowski, the Polish football dominates the champions league and able to make the achievement all-stars are waiting to achieve. Bayern took the lead against Lazio this week in the Champions League first leg of 4-1. And the first goal was done by Robert Lewandowski by dodging their goalkeeper.
Again, the topic gets so much attraction for Lewandowski’s breathless performance. Last year the Champions League was finished by Bayern and they were crowned as a champion where Lewandowski showed his optimum performance.

Karim Benzema

Madrid Spagna 03/11/2020 – Champions League / Real Madrid-Inter / foto Image nella foto: Karim Benzema PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxITA

Karim Benzema is placed in the fifth rank amongst the Champions League’s all-time leading scorers and maintained his performance and remains a key player in the Real Madrid side more than a decade after arriving at the Bernabeu from Lyon.
He played 125 times in the competition, he has scored 69 times, averaging 0.55 goals per game, winning the competition on four occasions during his career in the Spanish capital.
The 33 years old has a record of playing 16 consecutive Champion’s League seasons. And he scored several scores in several group stage fixtures.

Raúl González

Raúl González was the highest goal scorer until 2014, he was also the first-ever player to score 50 Champions League goals. It is something that is not possible to take away from this man, he was at the top of the Champions League goal scoring table with his 71 goals in the competition.
He scored 66 goals in his iconic Real Madrid days and 5 goals in Schalke. Later Messi broke that record but he was the top scorer for a long time, but he couldn’t do any scores later on in his matches.

Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski scored 72 goals that also beats Raúl’s record after this week’s Champions League first leg match against Lazio. Lewandowski did the entry goal of their 4-1 victory against Lazio
Last season, was the best season for Robert Lewandowski where he scored 55 goals in all competitions including an astonishing 15 goals in just 10 appearances in the UEFA Champions League. Also, it was a treble-winning season for Bayern Munich.
The 32 years old, Robert Lewandowski made himself one of those finest footballers in the. football history. His performance is consistently getting better day by day which may make him one of the greatest ever. The Bayern striker made a phenomenal record of 72 goals in just 95 appearances in the Champions League.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, the Barcelona king made his fastest 72 goals record in just 91 matches which is four less played than Lewandowski and the Argentine made 119 goals in 148 games and placed himself in the second position. Though he played fewer games than Cristiano so, nothing could be assured now.
Messi has the best goals-to-game ratio of the top 5 with 0.8, according to the total goal count, he did 47 more goals in his champions league career though he had 15 goals less than Cristiano but having a big game difference also.
FC Barcelona lost their First Leg against PSG in 4-1. It is so hard for the Spanish giant in their current scenario to come back on the second Leg. FC Barcelona will try to do their best to pull off a comeback against the French side and Lionel Messi will surely leading the charge.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo takes his position top by scoring 134 goals in 175 games, having an average of 0.77 goals per game. Though he has the top goal-scoring record in the Champions League, he is in the third position when the fastest 72 goals are calculated where Messi did it in 91 games, second position holding Lewandowski did in 95 games and he did in 109 games.
Ronaldo is so versatile that he can get accustomed to any club and as proof, he has scored 25 goals in 28 appearances across all competitions for Juventus so far this season.
Though they lost their first leg in the ‘Round of 16’ tie against Porto, Juventus hope that they can win at the end of 2nd Leg. Also, they have Cristiano who was totally off in the first Leg but he can do anything to turn the fortune for his team.

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