A look at the 12 year long Red Bull-Renault partnership

Red Bull-Renault partnership. 

On Tuesday, Red Bull officially confirmed the Honda engine switch for it’s 2019 F1 season. A 12-year long partnership between Red Bull and Renault finally came to an end. Red Bull and Renault teamed up in 2007 and now Renault has been ditched by Red Bull. From 2016 Red Bull switched to Tag Heuer branded Renault engines.

In 2017 Red Bull finished at the third spot with 362 points. Not that these 12 years of their togetherness were always about dark hours. 

Before 2007 Red Bull used Ferrari F1 engine. Then in 2006, Red Bull announced that it would switch to the Renault engine. Red Bull then signed Mark Webber for its 2007 F1 season. 

Here is what Red Bull had achieved in these 12 years with Renault on board. 

Grand Prix Wins 

This partnership has won 57 races together. Red Bull’s first ever win came at the Chinese Grand Prix in 2009. Red Bull made its first win with Sebastian Vettel. In this Grand Prix the Red Bull team secured its first pole position ever.

Constructor’s Championship Title 

Red Bull-Renault partnership has won 4 consecutive Constructor’s Championship titles from 2010 to 2013. This is one major highlight of their shared glory. It became the first team to win the title with an Australian license. 

Driver’s Championship 

Red Bull also won 4 consecutive Drivers’ championship titles in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. They won these with Sebastian Vettel. 

Red Bull has made this switch for it feels that the Honda F1 engine gives it a better chance to compete with Mercedes and Ferrari in the 2019 season. Now we keenly wait to see how this switch goes for them.

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