Australian Grand Prix to mark an early start for the F1 season 2019

Australian Grand Prix. The 2018 season of F1 has been a great one so far with the Austrian Grand Prix marking the most unexpected race. Fans, drivers and constructors are already looking forward to the F1 season 2019 which will begin early.

With a lot of changes in the driver market expected, the F1 season 2019 has much in store to offer. The F1 season 2019 will also feature the Miami race which will replace the German Grand Prix. 

Early Start to 2019 F1 Season 

The Australian GP has been moved forward to give an early start to the F1 season 2019. The Australian Grand Prix will start a week earlier and dates have been announced as 15-17 March.

Usually, the F1 season begins in the last weekend of March but in 2019 it would be about an early start. The early start is aimed at solving the issue of fixture congestion. 

The upcoming British Grand Prix will be the third consecutive race in three weeks. First, it was the French Grand Prix, then the Austrian Grand Prix and now the British Grand Prix.

To solve such issues of fixture congestion the Australian Grand Prix has proposed early dates. The final approval however will be given by the FIA.

The complete F1 calendar for 2019 season has not been revealed yet. But the 2019 F1 season is expected to feature 21 races just like the 2018 F1 calendar. A new addition of the F1 race in Miami will replace the German Grand Prix.

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