British Grand Prix: Hamilton feels it is a tough fight

Silverstone is all decked up for the British Grand Prix. As Sebastian Vettel of team Ferrari emerged as the quickest in the second practice session, Lewis Hamilton expects a tough fight from Ferrari.

It was being thought that Mercedes will be leading the way at the Silverstone but it was rather Ferrari which hit the top speed in the second practice session. 

Here is what Lewis Hamilton said

After the second practice, the F1 star Lewis Hamilton said that this is going to a very tight weekend. He said that it will be really close for the win. The Ferrari’s drivers are really fast and it would be a serious fight. He also added that this serious fight would be great for the fans to watch. ALong with that he hopes that Mercedes can pull through. 

Here is what Sebastian Vettel said 

The Ferrari driver who has been caught in a fiasco of penalties in his last two races said Mercedes is very strong at the Silverstone. He said that he hopes that Ferrari can be there. He was 0.187 seconds clear of Lewis Hamilton in the second practice session. 

If Lewis Hamilton wins on Sunday, it will be his 6th win at the British Grand Prix. He will also then go ahead of Sebastian Vettel in the World Championship. At present Sebastian Vettel leads by one point. 

Now let’s see who takes the pole position in the qualifying. Mercedes took it last time but they had a pathetic outing with both their drivers retiring in the middle of the race. 

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