British Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton takes pole position

Lewis Hamilton takes pole position. Lewis Hamilton once again grabbed the pole position for the British Grand Prix that gets underway on Sunday at Silverstone. Hamilton beat Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari to have yet another pole start in his career. Lewis Hamilton took the pole position by 0.044 seconds after Sebastian Vettel failed to improve. 

Lewis Hamilton already has 5 wins in the British Grand Prix. Starting from the pole on Sunday gives him a great chance to get his 6th win and emerge as the driver with most wins in the British Grand Prix and also take a lead in the world championship from Sebastian Vettel. 

Lewis Hamilton was the fastest in the qualifying followed by Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari. Following Vettel on the grid on Sunday will be his teammate Kimi Raikkonen.

Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes took the 4th place followed by Max Verstappen from Red Bull. The other Red Bull driver, Daniel Ricciardo took the 6th spot in the qualifying. 

Lewis Hamilton was delighted 

He said that he gave it his everything. He said that the Ferraris were pulled something out and it was amazingly close. Hamilton was just delighted to have taken the pole position one more time. He has had 76 pole positions in his career and has 56 wins.

Lewis Hamilton takes pole position. 

But the fears of the tragedy that unfolded in the Austrian Grand Prix will haunt him. He had to retire in the middle of the race and Mercedes had a terrible outing in their last race.

Mercedes is expected to lead the way at Silverstone but the Ferraris are really fast and they will make Mercedes work for it. 

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