Can a new chassis turn things around for Stoffel Vandoorne?

McLaren finally replaced the chassis of its driver Stoffel Vandoorne after two dismal outings at the Silverstone and the German Grand Prix on last Sunday. His chassis has been replaced by McLaren but the Belgian driver suggests that the team has not yet fixed the problems in his car that cost him his last two outings. 

Stoffel Vandoorne of McLaren struggled big time in his last races and finished miserably. He lapped substantially slower than teammate Fernando Alonso. He finished at near bottom in both the races at Silverstone and Hockenheim. 

Stoffel Vandoorne confirmed the news of the Chassis change and said that he had pushed his team for it. He, however, said that the team is still unsure of the exact cause of the problem with the car due to which his last two outings were disastrous.

With the new chassis, Stoffel Vandoorne would look to turn things around at the Hungarian Grand Prix this Sunday which is F1’s last race this year before the summer break. 

The issue:

Before this Fernando Alonso came out in the support of his teammate Stoffel Vandoorne and said that the problem is with his car and not his form.

Fernando Alonso said that Vandoorne has been closer to his pace than his previous teammates and he has already proved as to why he deserves to be at this level.

Fernando Alonso also suggested that those who question Vandoorne should look at the results before Silverstone and realise that he has done well. 

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