Cristiano Ronaldo is the real fitness king, Juventus medical report proves that

Juventus medical report. This was expected before the FIFA World Cup hosted by Russia in 2018, that Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine captain Lionel Messi will play this FIFA World Cup as there last football world cup. Cristiano Ronaldo has responded to this sharp criticism of the fans with his fitness.

Ronaldo has recently moved from Real Madrid to joine the Juventus Club. He has shocked the whole world from his finest fitness. In fact, Ronaldo has a fitness test, in which he has been as fit as a 20-year-old young player.

That shows, Ronaldo is still not less than a 20 year old youngster as the stamina and fitness are concerned.

The Juventus Medical Report

According to the Juventus Medical Test reports, Ronaldo has only 7% fat in his body, while 50% is solid muscle. That shows that, he is a full fit muscular man. Apart from this, he can still run at a speed of 33.98 kilometers per hour.

Despite crossing the 33 years of the age, it is a noticeable thing that a player remains so fit. If Ronaldo is really still fit, then there is no problem that he can be seen playing in the next FIFA World Cup.

In the resent edition of FIFA World Cup, Egypt’s 45-year-old player was included in the squad. Egyptian goal keeper Essam El-Hadary was 45-year-old when he played the FIFA World Cup 2018. He was the oldest player of the FIFA World Cup 2018 as well as oldest player ever played in the FIFA World Cup History.

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