Daniel Ricciardo has finally decided on his F1 future

Red Bull’s boss Christian Horner has confirmed that Daniel Ricciardo is close to signing a new contract with Red Bull. This means that the Red Bull driver with stay with Red Bull even beyond the 2018 F1 season.
Daniel Ricciardo’s contract with Red Bull will come to an end towards the end of 2018. There were a lot of speculations in tad driver market related to his F1 future.

Daniel Ricciardo and Rumours: 

He was being linked to McLaren and even Ferrari. He was being seen as the replacement to Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari. Reports even suggested that he was close to signing a deal with McLaren.
But now after this news coming from the boss of Red Bull Racing, all of the speculations around Daniel Ricciardo’s F1 future shall become irrelevant. He has also been linked with Mercedes and Renault.
Christian Horner said that both, Red Bull Racing and Daniel Ricciardo have shown mutual desire to carry their relationship forward.

Other players and their contracts:

Even the contract of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas with Mercedes will come to an end this year. Horner said that if Mercedes would have offered a serious contract to Ricciardo then be might have been interested.
As for Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel’s contract is till 2020 while that of Raikkonen comes to an end this year. Sauber driver Charles Leclerc is all likely to replace Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari.
Earlier Ricciardo had said that he would decide upon his F1 future before the F1 summer break. Seems like he would very soon announce his stay at Red Bull racing.
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