Daniel Ricciardo on the verge of signing an extension deal with Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo, the classy Red Bull driver is being linked to some speculation or the other as his contract with Red Bull comes to an end this year. The driver has also set a deadline for him to decide on his F1 future and wants to take the call before the summer break starts.

But amid all sorts of speculations reports now suggest that Daniel Ricciardo is on the verge of committing a new deal to Red Bull. This means that Daniele Ricciardo will remain with Red Bull even in the 2019 season of Red Bull Racing. 

While some linked his name to McLaren, some said that he could be picked by Ferrari however, not it seems that after the Honda engine switch by Red Bull. Daniel Ricciardo will be staying with Red Bull. Red Bull too, has been keen on retaining Daniel Ricciardo by signing a new contract which extends his stay at Red Bull. 

Everything is geared up for the home Grand Prix of Red Bull on Sunday in Austria. One the sidelines of the Austrian Grand Prix, Daniele Ricciardo hinted that a new deal is coming closer. 

Rumors came to the end:

Helmut Marko, the adviser of Red Bull also stated that Ferrari has made no offers to Daniel Ricciardo. He further said that Ricciardo has no better alternatives when compared to Red Bull. He said that Red Bull does want to continue with Daniel. 

So, now when Ricciardo has said a new deal with Red Bull is coming closer, other speculations may become irrelevant.

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