Daniel Ricciardo’s New Contract Is Certain Now

Speculation around Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo’s F1 future may soon come to an end. Daniel Ricciardo is almost certain to extend his stay at Red Bull Racing by another two years by signing a new contract for an extension with his current team.

A lot of speculations have been made about his F1 future given the fact that his contract with Red Bull racing will come to an end towards the last leg of 2018.

He has been linked with Mercedes, McLaren and even Ferrari amid all these speculations but with Lewis Hamilton staying at Mercedes till 2020, Ricciardo will be in all probability extending his stint with Red Bull Racing. 

According to F1’s boss Christian Horner, the signing of a new contract defining Ricciardo’s F1 future is very imminent.

He said that it is very likely that the deal will be signed before F1 goes for summer break following the Hungarian Grand Prix on the next weekend. The series break will be for a month and even Ricciardo had himself set a deadline for his new contract.

He said that the beginning of the summer break will be the deadline for the announcement of his new contract defining his future. 

The Scenario 

Both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are committed to Mercedes till 2020 and Ferrari is looking to replace Kimi Raikkonen with Charles Leclerc. So, the choice was narrowed down for Ricciardo between McLaren and his present team.

It the German Grand Prix last weekend, Ricciardo was one of the 5 drivers who could not complete the race and he will look to make up for it at the Hungarian Grand Prix. 

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