Diary of the Legends: Romelu Lukaku; The Rising From Poverty

Whenever the name of the most played sports in the world football comes to the mind, then people remember Ronaldo and Messi. But there are many such names in this list which are achieving a bigger position in the world with their distinct identity. One of them is Romelu Lukaku.

Belgium’s striker Romelu Lukaku, who started this FIFA World Cup 2018 in a good way by scoring two goals against Panama.

Although very few people know about this player and how he started his career. The player who was trying to dodge the best defenders at his skill and speed, was ever poorer.

Lukaku was recalling his days of poverty in an interview. He said that when he was younger he used to lack food in his house and sometimes he used to pray in the dark. This is because he had not enough money to pay the electricity bill.

He said, ‘We did not have enough money to fulfill the needs of the whole week. We were not just poor, but were very poor. ‘

25-year-old Lukaku further said that, “My father was a professional footballer, but he was in the final stages of his career and all the money was over.”

He also recalled that he was just six years old when he realized the poverty of his family.

Poverty in the house of Lukaku was so much that once he saw his mother adding water in the milk so that everyone could get enough milk. After this, he decided that with professional football he would take his family out of poverty and he showed it on the basis of his talent.

Lukaku with Manchester United:

Lukaku now plays with the legendary Premier League club Manchester United. Earlier, he has shown his talent in clubs such as Chelsea, West Bromwich Albion and Everton.

You might be surprised to know that he is among the top 10 most expensive footballers in the world.

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