F1’s Miami Grand Prix Plans In Jeopardy Again

F1’s plans to kickstart the Miami Grand Prix took yet another bolt. Miami’s mayor personally intervened to quash a fact-finding trip by a delegation to the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix.

F1 had plans to launch the Miami Grand Prix soon but issues one after the other are killing hopes of an early start. A delegation of county administrators including police officials and fire officers was supposed to visit the Singapore Grand Prix. This is to observe the standards and prerequisites of an F1 race.

This hefty trip by the delegation was estimated to cost around USD 18,000. But on Tuesday, the Mayor of Dade, Miami stepped in to give jolts to F1’s plans of hosting Miami GP.

He stated on Tuesday that he had asked the delegation to cancel its trip and had asked them to look for a venue in the vicinity.

Although this trip has been called off some Miami administrators are still expected to attend the Singapore Grand Prix. These administrators have received a formal invitation from F1 and will be travelling to Singapore for the same.

2019 and Miami Grand Prix 

After the 2019 dream of Miami Grand Prix becoming a casualty. The target now is to launch the event by October 2020. F1 will also hold some live fan events in Miami to popularise the event and engage the fans.

But still many roadblocks stand in the way of F1’s Miami dream. It would be a tough task for F1 to navigate through these stumbling blocks and see it’s Miami dream turn into a pleasant reality. It remains to be seen how soon Miami gets a Grand Prix of its own.

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