Fans may be back into the stadium from May in Premier League

English Premier League fans can again come back to their stadiums from May after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined his plans for easing coronavirus restrictions.
Uk government is planning to do step by step proposal to remove all the restriction from everywhere also this is one of the restrictions which can’t be stopped for long. At first Up to 10,000 fans will be allowed back into English stadiums for the final day of the season in May 23rd at Wembley Stadium which will host European Championship games in plans announced by the government on Monday.
Due to Corona Virus first spread supporters have been banned from attending stadiums across England since December, with most not attending matches since the first COVID-19 wave in March 2020. And after March everywhere was under lockdown period for the pandemic.

Now, after success in the vaccine rollout in major areas, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson revealed step-by-step proposals to ease restrictions across the whole country instead of focusing on regions.
For the sporting events which will be played from May 17, indoor arenas will be allowed with a capacity of 1000 people, while 4000 people will be allowed outdoors.
Whereas for the Larger football stadiums allowance will be up to 10,000 people or be a quarter full whichever is lower.
The proposal has ruled out fans attending EFL matches as per fixture schedule, but fans could be in attendance for the final weekend of the Premier League season on May 23.
But some sports in England could see fans return in April because it is needed to research how events can take place in the future without any social distancing, may there some test cases that could be run for the final step. English football authorities have been hoping that the League Cup final on April 25 and the FA Cup final on May 15 could be test events for the return of spectators.
The final stage will be as per the UK government plan, where all legal limits on social conduct are removed after 15 months of closure, is set for June 21. That is a week before the scheduled start of Wimbledon, which was canceled last year due to the pandemic.



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