FC Barcelona will lose another €5m for Dembele in their money crisis

FC Barcelona signed Ousmane Dembele on 25th August in 2017 as a replacement for Neymar who was sold on 3rd of August for €222m. Barca’s plan was to put Dembele in Neymar’s position alongside Messi to make a future trip, then Suarez was playing in Centre Forward role.
The Spanish giant bought Dembele in €105m and a €35m of add-on based on his performance and on 28 August, he had his medical and signed a five-year contract, with his release clause set at €400 million.
In his 100 appearances for the Spanish giant, the French winger has scored just 25 times. His injury issues have affected him in his career. Barca bought Coutinho later Griezmann to fill the gap.

Already 3 seasons passed after Dembele become a Barca player, yesterday night Alaves match was his 100th match. As per the contract Barca has to pay €5m of add ons of €35m to the Dortmund, which is the former club of Ousmane Dembele in every milestone like 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th Match.
€20m as a total Barca already paid in 100th appearances to the Dortmund as a deal. The following €10m they have to pay if Barcelona would have to win the Champions League twice.
In the first season, Barca thinking about the loss of buying Dembele because of his performance. No combination was built between the team and Dembele, but he is such a gem if we see some performances he gave to Barca. He is rising late better to say also can a future approach if he can continue his rising.
But Barcelona at this moment facing big trouble with their fund. Barca doesn’t have the least fund to pay Messi his fees which is over €500m also they have to extend some of their player contracts in the upcoming year 2021-2022 also, Dembele’s contract will end on 2022.
May Barca sell some of their players to get the funds and recover their financial crisis. Dembele has to give his best performance and show more to confirm his future with Barca.

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