Fernando Alonso Comes Out In Support Of Teammate Stoffel Vandoorne

McLaren Driver Fernando Alonso has extended his support to teammate Stoffel Vandoorne in the wake of the latter’s recent failures. After being badly hampered at Silverstone and the German Grand Prix, Vandoorne will be hopeful that McLaren has been able to fix the problems in his car.

In Hockenheim, he qualified as the slowest driver due to his car as he battled against a lack of grip and down force. 

Alonso Batted For Stoffel Vandoorne

Stoffel Vandoorne, the Belgian driver was a serial title winner at the junior level and got his full-time F1 break last year with McLaren. He is yet to out-qualify his teammate Fernando Alonso in 2018 after 11 rounds. He is the only F1 driver in 2018 who has not been able to out-qualify his teammate Fernando Alonso. 

Fernando Alonso said that Stoffel Vandoorne has already proved that he deserves to be in F1 and he would get better once McLaren fixes up the problems affecting his car.

He said that soon Vandoorne will be closer to him and it is just a matter of his car being at its best. He said that the car of Vandoorne is going down and not his repute.

Alonso said that all those who question him must see the results before Silverstone. Alonso also said that Stoffel Vandoorne is closer to him in terms of pace than his previous teammates. 

Fernando Alonso has out-qualified Stoffel Vandoorne in 16 consecutive races since the Malaysian GP in September 2017. 

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