Ferrari did not have a dominating car in 2018: Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel refuses to accept that Ferrari cars were perhaps the best on the grid in 2018. Vettel said that it’s an entirely wrong perception that Ferrari cars were dominant on the grid in certain races of 2018.

Vettel rather insists that Ferrari never had the advantage that Mercedes often has by its side. Sebastian Vettel’s errors have already cost him the world championship.

Lewis Hamilton claimed the trophy in the Mexican GP. With this, he became the world champion for the fifth time and is now only after Michael Schumacher’s record.

Vettel said in an interview that even though Ferrari has a very strong car, it’s not true to say that it’s a dominating car. Ferrari had its moments this year and it seemed the quickest of all and faster than Mercedes.

Sebastian Vettel is all set for next season:

Sebastian Vettel is all set to get a new teammate in the next season. Charles Leclerc will be replacing Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari giving Ferrari a young outlook. Kimi Raikkonen who won the US GP weeks ago will be seen racing for Sauber in the next season.

Vettel has had his chances and moments this year. He has thrown it away with some very careless and rather absurd errors he went about making at the grid. He has surely paid the price for the same.

Now he needs to learn from his mistakes and needs to look forward to the next season to come back stronger than in 2018.

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