Ferrari is Going to Hit the Tracks with Old Suspension in Monaco Grand Prix

After the race in Barcelona, team Ferrari is working hard to understand why Sebastian Vettel was not able to match his performance with Mercedes. The team faced a major problem with tyre degradation in Spain Grand Prix in its pre-season testing. This might be a reason Ferrari will stick to the old suspension in Monaco Grand Prix.

One major point they have encountered that if changes were made to the rear suspension then it would have a knocking effect on its tyre management. The new suspension there had a better transition than the previous one used. It is having a wider and flatter surface. The reason behind the modified design is to improve the aerodynamics of the car.

While in the process of improvement for downforce, it may also have some contribution to the tyre overheating, which results in degradation of the tyres.

Sebastian on Barcelona Race:

Vettel said about the Monaco Grand Prix, “the team had focused a lot of effort in the Barcelona test last week to understand more about what had gone wrong.”

There are still some doubts about the performance of the new suspension. Possibly that’s the reason why Team Ferrari decided to proceed with the old suspension with Vettel’s car in Monaco GP. But still, the picture is not clear about the suspension. It’s doubtful whether Ferrari will continue with the old suspension in Monaco Grand Prix or will switch to the new suspension for rest of the season.

“I think it is fair to summarise that Barcelona was not a strong race for us,” said Vettel. “Saturday was actually pretty good, but Sunday we fell a little bit behind.”

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