Ferrari’s Raikkonen Engine fail may not lead to another change

Last week at Spanish Grand Prix Kimi Raikkonen faced some problem in the engine. At last that lead to an unfortunate retirement in Spain. But as per latest news, Raikkonen engine fail will not become a reason for him to have an engine change in Monaco.

Last week in Spain due to the technical issue in the car Kimi couldn’t able to finish the race. Because of this he left the race on the 26th lap. He was instructed there to stop the car but some how he managed to bring it back to the pits.

There was some wiring problem occurred which cut the power to the left cylinder of the Ferrari V6. Raikkonen was driving the car.

The problem happened was not related to the terminal, the issues were sorted by the Ferrari team. They replaced the internal combustion engine, MGU-H, and the turbocharger. They took the decision for the change when Raikkonen faced some technical issue while the practice session on Friday in Spain.

The Next Venture

The next venture will be in Germany and Raikkonen engine fail will not affect him at Monaco Grand Prix. He will continue with the same configuration until German Grand Prix at Hockenheim.

So Raikkonen will have to drive in 4 races with the old specification then Vettel.  It looks like, Raikkonen’s German teammates will bring the upgraded Ferrari unit in Canada.

Spanish GP retirement of Raikkonen was his second non scoring finish out of five races which put him back by 47 points from championship leader Lewis Hamilton.

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