FIFA World Cup 2018: Brazil Became the Highest Goal Scorer Team in the FIFA World Cup History

Brazil defeated Mexico 2-0 in the 5th pre-quarterfinal match held on Monday in the FIFA World Cup 2018. Along with this, Brazil has also become the highest goalscorer team in the FIFA World Cup History. Since the beginning of the FIFA World Cup in 1930, Brazil has scored 228 goals so far. In this case Germany is second with 226 goals.

On the other hand, Mexico is out for the 7th consecutive time in the pre-quarterfinals. In the match, Neymar scored the first goal for Brazil in the 51st minute. This is Neymar’s 57th International goal and the second goal in this FIFA World Cup. In the 88th minute, Firmino scored another goal.

Most Goals in the FIFA World Cup History:

S. No. Team Goals
1. Brazil 228
2. Germany 226
3. Argentina 137
4. Italy 128
5. France 113


Neymar, the star player:

Brazil’s striker Neymar is in his second FIFA World Cup and this was his sixth goal. He attempted fewer shots to score these 6 goals than Argentina’s Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. Messi attempted 67 shots, while Ronaldo attempted 74 shots to score first 6 goals. Neymar scored 6 goals in only 38 shots.

For Brazil, Neymar is looking very busy on the field in this FIFA World Cup. He has attempted 23 shots more than any player in the FIFA World Cup 2018. There were 12 of them on targets.

Interesting Facts:

  • Mexico has not scored a single goal in the FIFA World Cup against Brazil.
  • Brazil is unbeaten from 16 international matches, last time it was defeated by Peru in 2016.
  • Roberto Firmino became the fifth Brazilian player to score in this FIFA World Cup
  • Mexico is the only team that loses seven consecutive pre-quarterfinal matches in FIFA World Cup.


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