FIFA World Cup 2018: 15 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Football World Cup

FIFA World Cup, the biggest sporting event in football, has been started from June 14. Football fans around the world were eagerly waiting for FIFA to start. Everyone is eying on this Mahakunbha of Football. 32 teams are participating in this tournament. It will be interesting to see which country will win the shining trophy of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

On this special occasion, let’s know 15 interesting facts related to the FIFA World Cup. Here we go…

15 Interesting Facts about FIFA World Cup:

#1. This great event of football was started on July 13, 1930.

#2. In the first FIFA World Cup 13 teams took the part in the tournament.

#3. Uruguay was assigned the responsibility of hosting it.

#4. Uruguay also won the first FIFA World Cup title by defeating Argentina 4-2.

#5.  Russia is hosting the Football World Cup for the first time.

#6. This time the FIFA winning team will be given a sum of $ 3.8 million.

#7. Peru’s team is returning after 36 years this year. Peru had taken part in the 1982 World Cup tournament last time.

#8. The most FIFA World Cup Title winning the country is Brazil. Brazil has won the title of the FIFA World Cup for the five time. Brazil has won these 5 titles on the foreign soil.

Silvio Gazzaniga, the designer of FIFA World Cup Trophy

#11. Silvio Gazzaniga of Italy had designed the FIFA World Cup Trophy in 1971. Silvio died just two years ago. While making the trophy, Silvio had said that it was wonderful to show two celebrating athletes in the trophy.

#10. FIFA never gives the real trophy to the World Cup winner. The winning team gets Replica.

#11. The real trophy is now in the FIFA Museum of Zurich.

FIFA World Cup Real Trophy

#12. The real trophy of FIFA World Cup is more than 5000 grams of gold. The height of this trophy is 36 cm and the width is 15 cm The total weight of this trophy is 6175 grams.

#13. Brazil’s Legendary footballer Pele is the only player who have won the 3 FIFA World Cup winners’ Medal. There are 20 other players

#14. Germany’s former striker Miroslav Klose holds the record of scoring the most goals in FIFA World Cup History. He has 16 goals in 24 matches.

#15. Mexico holds the record of most defeats in FIFA World Cup History.

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