FIFA World Cup 2018: Belgium Shocked Title Favourites Brazil, Enters in the Semi-finals

World number three Belgium played a splendid game and beat the world number two Brazil 2-1 in the FIFA World Cup 2018 quarter-finals to make it to the semi-finals. Belgian will now face France in the semi-finals in St. Petersburg on Tuesday. Belgium entered the semi-finals for the second time.

In the 13th minute, Brazil’s Fernandinho’s suicidal goal brought Belgium a 1-0 lead. In the 31st minute, Kevin De Bruyne provided them a 2-0 lead. Substitute Renato Augusto scored a goal for Brazil in the 76th minute.

The match summary:

In the 13th minute of the first half of the game, Brazil scored a goal for Belgium. Belgian was 1-0 ahead with Brazil’s suicide goal. In the 13th minute, Belgium got a corner and the ball hit Brazil’s Fernandinho and went to Brazil’s goal post. brazil goalkeeper Alisson becker could not do anything to save this.

The second goal for the Belgian team took place in the 31st minute of the game. Kevin De Bruyne shot the ball away from the Brazilian goalkeeper and conveyed the ball to the goal post. Kevin De Bruyne scored this goal successfully from a distance of 25 yards. Romelu Lukaku made a big contribution in this goal as he provided Bruyne the pass.

In spite of all efforts from Brazil in the first half, the team failed to score a single goal and the score was not in the favor, that is, Belgium was ahead 2-0.

Coutinho saw Renato Augusto standing alone inside the penalty area in the 76th minute and provided him an accurate pass. Augusto made no mistake in converting this pass into the goal and the score went 2-1.

Brazil made great efforts to come up with this, but their players failed, and Belgium defeated five-time world champions and entered the final four for the second time in the FIFA World Cup.

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