FIFA World Cup 2018: Brazil qualified for Knockouts, defeat Serbia 2-0

Brazil qualified for Knockouts. Brazil and Switzerland have pulled themselves out of the three teams trapped in the knockout from Group E, while Serbia and Costa Rica have to return home. There was a struggle to reach the final 16 between Brazil and Serbia, in which Brazil won 2-0. While in the second group match of this group, Switzerland eliminated Costa Rica, playing a 2-2 draw.

On behalf of Brazil, Paulinho and Thiago Silva scored goals and brought their team to the top spot in the Group E along with seven points.

Brazil opened their account in the 36th minute. The long passage of the Coutinho came to Paulinho and then he moved towards the goalpost. The goalkeeper came forward to defend the goal, and then Paulinho bounced the football over the goalkeeper and put it into the net. Brazil got to the lead with this goal. Serbia Continued aggression, but did not get success.

Brazil doubled their score in the 68th minute, when Brazil got a corner. Neymar put a shot closer to the post from the corner, on which Thiago Silva placed into the net. Although Serbian defenders also stopped the Brazil attack several times and failed their attempts.

Serbian Attempt to Goal:

Serbia also attacked many times, but never found it enough to score a goal. Even once Serbian player Aleksandar Mitrović tried to place the ball into the net twice in a minute but could not get it right.

Mitrovic put a fair shot around the goal, but the Brazilian goalkeeper Alison stopped the ball with his hands, although the ball went back to Mitrovich, on which he played header straight, but this time the ball hit Silva and came back to the goalkeeper. Hence with this win Brazil qualified for Knockouts.

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