FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia Sent Nicola Kalinich Back Home, Many Players Have Gone Through This Stage

In the FIFA World Cup 2018 entire world is eying on every team along with hosts Russia. Everyone is quite eager about their favorite teams and players. On the other hand, there was a major setback after the Group B match played by Croatia and Nigeria. After defeating Nigeria 2-0, Nicola Kalinich of Croatia sent back home.

Evantually this is not the first such incident in the history of the FIFA World Cup. Even before this, many players have been sent back from the World Cup. Lets have look at some famous incidents of same kind other than Nicola Kalinich.

Similar Incidents in FIFA World Cup:

  • In the FIFA World Cup 1978 played in Argentina, the Scottish Football Association sent its player Willy Johnston back home in the middle of the FIFA World Cup. It is said that this player had taken drugs due to the fever in a match against Peru, which is against the rules.
  • In the FIFA World Cup 2002, the Republic of Ireland also sent home to one of its players, Roy Keane. In fact, according to team manager Mike McCarthy, the player used to spend much more with his dogs than practice before the match against Cameron.
  • Diego Maradona was also sent back home in the same way in the FIFA World Cup 1994 in the United States. Maradona had failed in the drug test before a group encounter against Bulgaria. After this Argentina’s star player had to go home.
  • In 2010, French striker Nicolas Anelka had to return home leaving the World Cup after losing to Mexico. The French team manager accused that in halftime this player was fighting with the team manager. This action was also followed by the 18-match ban by the French Football Federation.
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