FIFA World Cup 2018: Diego Maradona is in a New Controversy

Argentina’s legendary footballer Diego Maradona was involved in controversy on Saturday. He was seen smoking cigars in the stadium during the match between Argentina and Iceland in FIFA World Cup 2018. Maradona is now being criticized on social media for his this act at stadium.

During this World Cup match, signboards were set up in the stadium. During this match, no smoking signs were also shown on the big screen, but Maradona did not care about it. Whenever Maradona visits another country for football matches he always links up with any controversy.

At the beginning of this month when Maradona was admitted to a hospital in Columbia. All were hoping that he could not reach Russia for the FIFA World Cup. But anyhow he managed to do so.

This behavior of Maradona is being criticized on social media. Fans say that if such a great person violates the rules, then there will be a bad effect on society.

This 57-year-old great Argentine football player was admitted to the hospital due to a knee problem. In addition to analyzing matches for Italian TV, he is also presenting his shows for Venezuela’s channel. He is quite a busy during this FIFA World Cup 2018.

Racial Gestures by Maradona:

According to media reports, Maradona also had racial gestures during this match. While Madonna was accepting the reception of the audience, during this time some South Korean fans had loudly voiced ‘Diego’. Hearing this, Maradona waved his hand, flying kissing and racial gestures with eyes.

He is also being criticised for this racial act. Fans are not happy with such kind of behavior of a legendary footballer.

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