FIFA World Cup 2018 Final: France vs Croatia; Final Team Analysis

France vs Croatia. The final match of the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played on Sunday between Croatia and France. The FIFA World Cup 2018 Final will be played at Luzhuniki stadium, Moscow. According to the current performance of both the teams, it is difficult to guess who can be the champion this time.

Still, we have prepared a report based on the statistics and the performance of and star players, which talks about the strength of both the teams teams before the FIFA World Cup 2018 Final.

France: The Team Analysis

Journey of France to the Final:

Group Round: France beat Australia 2-1, France beat Peru 1-0, Goalless draw against Denmark.
The second round: France defeated Argentina 4-3.
Quarter-finals: France beat Uruguay 2-0.
Semifinals: France defeated Belgium 1-0.


France’s strength in this FIFA World Cup has been its continuity. In particular, in the knockout rounds, they have raised the level of their game. Their aggression and counter-attack caused a lot of resilience for Argentina, Uruguay and Belgium.

In the quarter-finals and semi-finals France defeated those two teams who had not lost any match in this FIFA World Cup before playing with them. France did not allow Uruguay and Belgium to score goals against it. This shows their aggression and strong defense.

Challenges Against Croatia:

The frontline of France has scored six goals. Three goals scored by Mbappe and Griezmann each. But the two goals of Griezmann wer scored through penalties and for another goal, goalkeeper Muslera was guilty. He has attacked well but could not score goals. Griezmann scored tried to score goals 19 times and 9 was on target. In the finals, he will have to get his super form. He has not scored a goal on the direct free kick as well.

Olivier Giroud, also had many opportunities against Belgium, but he could not finish them with gaols. He also need to improve in the finals.

Hero of France

The way Cowellian Mbappe showed his attacking spirit in the knockouts, the attack of France is looking quite sharper this time. He is a player who is not easy to curb. He can get the same fame and can do the same thing, which was done by Pele for Brazil and Maradona for Argentina.

Croatia:The Team Analysis

Journey of Croatia to the Final:

Group Round: Croatia beat Nigeria 2-0, Croatia beat Argentina 2-1, Croatia beat Iceland 3-0.
Second Round: Croatia beat Denmark 3-2
Quarter finals: Mach draw against Russia 2-2. In shootouts, Croatia beat Russia 4-3.
Semi-final: Croatia defeated England 2-1 in extra time.


Never-losing attitude, even in knockout matches, whenever it felt that Croatia was tired, they came again with constant energy and constantly got the equalizer.

With more than ten years of experience, Modric, Ivan Rakitic, Mario Mandzukic and Ivan Perišić are playing a key role in Croatian victories. Croatia’s Midfield is considered the strongest midfield column in this FIFA World Cup.

Challenges against France

Croatia played three extra time matches in this FIFA World Cup, which is similar to playing a 90-minute match against France. Apart from Modric, Ivan Rakitic (549 minutes), Ivan Perišić (542 minutes) and Mario Mandžukić (518 minutes) have also played for a long time.

They will have to take special care of recovery to overcome the exhaustion in the final. In the last moments of the match, the problem of injury has also started to appear. the star of the semifinal Ivan Rakitic has been injured against England.

Hero of Croatia

Certainly the heroic work has been done by Real Madrid’s midfielder Luka Modrić for Croatia. He has played 604 minutes in the field which is the highest time spent on the ground in FIFA World Cup 2018. Along with that he has also covered the distance of 63 km in this FIFA World Cup which is also a record for the 21st FIFA World Cup season. He has scored 2 goals so far and he also leads the Croatian attack.

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