FIFA World Cup 2018: Fixtures of Thursday, Preview and Pre-Analysis

Fixtures of Thursday. The last matches of the group stage in FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played on Thursday. These last four matches will be played between the teams of Group G and Group H. After this, the knockout round will start with pre-quarterfinal matches from Saturday.

Here are the complete analysis and preview for all 4 Fixtures of Thursday. Please have a look.

Group G Matches:

England v Belgium

Earlier, England and Belgium, who had succeeded a major win in both the matches, will face each other in the last league match to assess their true potential before knockout and to achieve the top spot in Group G.

The journey of both of these European teams in the FIFA World Cup has been fantastic. Both the teams have already reached the final-16 and this match will determine only the team on top of the group.

England defeated Tunisia 2-1 and beat Panama 6-1, while Belgium defeated Panama 3-0 to finish Tunisia 5-2. In this way both the teams have scored equal seven-seven goals so far and also have two goals scored against them.

Panama vs Tunisia:

Panama and Tunisia are out of the race for the World Cup knockout, losing their first two matches. But when they face each other here, their eyes will be on the end with a victory and will also be ready to create history.

Both of these teams were defeated by a big margin in their last match. England defeated Panama 6-1 and Belgium defeated Tunisia 5-2. They also had to face defeat in their first match and now they have nothing left to lose, but if they win, they can create history for their country.

Tunisia is participating for the fifth time in the Football World Cup but they have not won any match in their long journey of World Cup in last 40 years. They could only win their single FIFA World Cup match in 1978 against Mexico 3-1. Tunisia did not go ahead with knockout earlier as well and the story did not change even this time. In such a situation, the team will put full emphasis on achieving the third position.

Group H Matches:

Senegal vs. Colombia

The performances of Senegal and Colombia were fluctuating in the last two games, but when both teams will meet each other, their goal will be to make the place in the final-16 of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Colombia lost 1-2 to Japan in the first match, but in the next match, they made a wonderful comeback to beat Poland 3-0. If Colombia wants to make a place in the knockout, then they will have to win in any situation against Senegal.

Colombia has three points, while Group H has Japan and Senegal at number two with four-four points. Senegal defeated Poland 2-1 in the first match while the match against Japan was 2-2. If he pauses Colombia, then they will still be in the next round.

Japan vs Poland

Japan, who recorded a record win over Colombia and played a draw against Senegal, will return with their final league match of FIFA World Cup 2018 as the strong contender for the win against Poland. Earlier, the predictions for Japan in FIFA World Cup 2018 was not good.

It was said that it would be difficult for Japan to beat any team. But in the first match, they defeated Colombia 2-1 and gave a positive response to the critics. This made them the first Asian team to defeat any South American team.

After that Japan stopped Senegal 2-2 and now it has four points in its two matches and is at the top of Group H. Even if they play draws with Poland, then they will still be in the final -16. Even at the neck, they can reach the knockouts, but Senegal will have to defeat Colombia for this.

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