FIFA World Cup 2018: Knockouts Selection Process for Teams with Equal Points

The matches of last round will be held from Monday in the FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia. In every big event of football the last round matches will be played together so that they could not fix the result of matches according to their own accord. After these matches, teams for Knockouts will be selected.

Already qualifying teams for the next round, deliberately lose the final match to avoid a strong opponent in the knockouts. This is why the last round of matches of the group stage is now organized together.

In Group ‘B’, Spain, Portugal and Iran will be struggling for the top two places. The top two teams from each group will enter the knockouts.

In the event of teams having similar points, these points will be decisive for teams to reach the next round…

Decisive Terms for Knockouts for Teams Having Equal Points:

  1. If two teams have equal points, then the team that got higher points in the match between them in the group stage will go ahead.
  2. The team whose goal difference is better will move forward.
  3. The team who scored more goals in the group will move forward.
  4. Based on the Fair Play points on the basis of Red and Yellow cards, the decision will be made.
  5. Even after this if teams remain equal then the FIFA draw will decide the team going forward.
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