FIFA World Cup 2018: Lionel Messi Could Not Hide his Emotions

After losing 0-3 to Croatia in the Nizhny Novgorod, Lionel Messi was bowing his head as he realized that his dream of making his FIFA World Cup titles broken upon the same ground, and his discomfort would remain intractable throughout his life.

Messi, one of the world’s best footballers has reached new heights of success with Barcelona He ​​hoped that in his last FIFA World Cup, he would be able to hold this trophy, but Croatia almost broke his dream.

For the last decade, Argentine Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal are the two pillars of the football world. Both the players are playing their last FIFA World Cup. Messi, who is going to celebrate his 31st birthday, will no longer be seen playing this biggest event of football after this season.

Argentina was defeated by Germany in the FIFA World Cup 2014 final 1-0. After this, in the Copa América final 2015 and 2016, Chile beat them in the penalty shootout.

Messi had said before the FIFA World Cup that he would say goodbye to football after the tournament. He had retired in 2016, but then changed that decision. Messi would also be guilty to miss the penalty in the first match, drawn 1-1 against Iceland. Against Croatia, he also did not seem in his form.

The heavy pressure of expectations was reflected in his face. He could be seen rubbing the forehead with the palms at the time of national anthem.

Ronaldo is on Fire:

On the other hand, Ronaldo has scored four goals in two matches so far. This star striker of Real Madrid’s form, which has hat-tricks against Spain, is worth seeing.

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