FIFA World Cup 2018: Messi missed Penalty against Iceland, His Penalty failure continues

Messi missed Penalty against Iceland. In the FIFA World Cup 2018, the star footballer Lionel Messi’s campaign began with a disappointing performance. Iceland is playing for the first time in the FIFA World Cup. Iceland’s very first match in Football World Cup ends on a 1-1 draw against Argentina on Saturday. The most discussed moment in the match was Messi’s penalties miss.

Messi lost the easy chance of a penalty, after which he is being criticised. Well, let’s tell you that this is not the first time when Messi cannot convert the penalty into a goal. This has been many times before as well. Let’s have a look on his missed chances of penalties:

Various occasions when Messi missed the Penalties:

  • In the 2011 Copa del Rey tournament, Messi missed a simple penalty kick against the Real Betis. However, this match was won by Barcelona 5-0.

  • In the year 2013, the Spanish Super Cup final was played on Barcelona’s home ground. After the player foul in the match, Barcelona had got a penalty kick, which Messi could not turn into the goal.
  • In 2014, a match was played between the five times World champion Brazil and international friendly. In the 28th minute of the match, Messi got a penalty kick. This time also Messi failed to convert it into the goal. Brazil won this match 2-0.
  • Earlier, in the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League (2012), Messi has failed to convert penalty kick into the goal. Barcelona had lost this match 3-2.
  • Messi has failed to do so in the Copa America final in almost two years ago. There was an easy chance of winning a match for Argentina, but the match was drawn 0-0 due to not having scored a penalty on the penalty kick.

It’s noteworthy that Messi has made about 92 penalty kicks so far, in which he has failed more than 20 times.

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