FIFA World Cup 2018: Neymar Cried after scoring a goal against Costa Rica, Brazil won 2-0

Neymar Cried after scoring a goal. Brazil is a strong contender of the FIFA World Cup 2018 title. Brazil defeated Costa Rica 2-0 in the high voltage match on Friday with the help of goals scored in Extra Time. The first half was round off. The goal in the second half also could not be scored.

When the match was in extra time, Philippe Coutinho in the 91st minute and Brazilian star player Neymar scored a magnificent goal in the 97th minute to take the match in the final moments from Costa Rica.

After scoring his first goal of FIFA World Cup 2018, Neymar started crying by sitting on the field. He felt so emotional regarding this. Fans were on their feet when they saw their star footballer scoring finally.

At halftime, the players of both teams tried to keep their hold on the match but there was no goal from both the teams. The Brazilian team dominated the match until halftime. 65 percent of the match belonged to Brazil.

At the same time, 3 goal score was tried by Brazil and Costa Rica tried 3 goal scores. Everyone in the match was eying on Star Player Neymar. Fans were hoping that he will change the fate of Brazil with new hairstyles.

The Unwanted Record:

Neymar, famous for adopting a new hairstyle, was fouled 10 times in the last match against Switzerland, which was the most fouled record of any player in 20 years in a single World Cup match.

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