FIFA World Cup 2018: Neymar is hoping to get fit before the clash of World Cup

Brazil’s national team’s star striker Neymar has said that he has not been fully recovered from his injury. This Injury has kept him away from the field for almost last three months. But he has said that before the FIFA World Cup 2018 which is starting from next month, he will be fit again to play the tournament.

Neymar expressed his views and think that he has enough time to get fully fit soon. Neymar said that “the time will solve it. I’m making it easy. We are still a few days away from the first match (FIFA World Cup 2018) and I will be fine till then.”

It’s noteworthy that on February 25, when Paris Saint Germain played against Marcelli, his right leg was broken during the match. After which Neymar returned to Teresópolis for the practice last week. Although he also expressed fear of being out of the World Cup. But he is hoping for a good and fulfils his dream to win the world cup.

Neymar said that “I am getting better day by day. Playing in the World Cup is a dream. I hope my dream will end with the title.”

Brazilian Tour for FIFA World Cup 2018:

After a week of practice in their country, Brazilian team left for London on Sunday. In London, they will practice in Tottenham for 12 days to prepare for World Cup. Brazil will also play two friendly as practice matches. One match against Croatia in Liverpool on June 3 and another against Austria on June 3 in Vienna.

Brazil’s first match in the FIFA World Cup 2018 will take place on 17th June in Rostov of Russia against Switzerland.

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