FIFA World Cup 2018: Peru is Returning after 36 years, Denmark will present a tough challenge

Peru is Returning after 36 years. Peru is participating in Football’s biggest event after 36 years. In its inaugural match of the FIFA World Cup 2018, here on Saturday Peru will face Denmark. Peru also has to face Denmark’s star midfielder Christian Eriksen in this match. In such a condition team’s hopes will be on Paolo Guerrero. Paolo will go on the field to prove himself again forgetting the ban imposed earlier on him due to doping.

Peru has waited 36 years to qualify for the FIFA World Cup and its credit goes to Argentine coach Ricardo Gareca. However, Ricardo Gareca is the same man who scored against Peru during the 1986 World Cup qualifying and destroyed Peru’s hope to qualify for world cup. But now he is the main reason to bring Peru to this stage.

This is an emotional tournament for Peru. Not only because they are playing this world cup tournament after a long time, but also because its captain Paolo Guerrero is finally playing this match.

Due to the presence of forward Guerrero of Flemamo, Peru’s coach, Ricardo Gareca is in a big relief. Guerrero was banned for 14 months due to taking cocaine. This ban was just ended a week before the World Cup began.

The responsibility of the Peru’s team attack will be on the shoulders of forward Jefferson Farfan, who played a key role in securing the entry into the World Cup by scoring a playoff match against New Zealand.

Danish Team:

On the other hand, Denmark, who had reached the quarter-finals of FIFA World Cup in 1998, will want to perform well in the tournament. Denmark, led by Captain Simone Kier, defeated Ireland 5-1 in November last year to qualify for the World Cup.

Denmark has a goal machine Christian Eriksen who scored 11 goals for his team in the world cup qualifiers. Christian Eriksen is the most important player of this team. He was only 18 years old in the FIFA World Cup 2010, South Africa. Now he is26 years old and has become more experienced than ever before.


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