FIFA World Cup 2018: Ronaldo and Godin to clash in the pre-quarterfinals

Ronaldo and Godin. Uruguay’s center back Diego Godin, who won the hearts of everyone with his strong defense in the FIFA World Cup 2018, will try to stop Portugal captain and striker Cristiano Ronaldo in the pre-quarterfinals. The teams of Portugal and Uruguay are going to clash in pre-quarterfinal finals at Fist Stadium in Russia.

It is proving to be the best FIFA World Cup for 33-year-old Portuguese star Ronaldo. He is in tremendous form in this World Cup. But there is one fact that no team could score a goal against two-time world champion Uruguay in Russia so far.

Godin, who plays the role of the wall in Atletico Madrid’s team, knows good ways to save a goal. Gimenez is ready to take charge of Uruguay’s defense with him, who could not play due to injury in the last match against Russia.

However, Ronaldo is also seen in good rhythm in this FIFA World Cup. He has scored four goals so far, including his hat-trick against Spain.

Ronaldo has put two hat-tricks in the past two years against Godin, who was leading the defense of Atletico Madrid. On the other hand, Uruguay also has two big stars in the form. Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani who are regarded as masters of goals.

If the Portugal team defeats Uruguay in the pre-quarterfinals, then they will face the winner of the match between Argentina and France in the quarter-finals. So that, the expectations of the audience and fans for Messi vs. Ronaldo can be fulfilled.

Interesting number games:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 85 goals in his international career. He is the most goalscorer from Portugal.


  • If Luis Suarez could score 1 goal in this match then he will match the record for the most goal for Uruguay in the FIFA World Cup history. This record is now held by Oscar Miguez, who had scored 8 goals.
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