FIFA World Cup 2018: The Clash Between Two Unbeaten Teams Croatia and Denmark

Croatia and Denmark. Croatia, who have won three of their three matches, would like to maintain the series of winning against Denmark. While the Denmark team also did not even face a defeat in the group match. They have made their place in final 16 with the second place in Group C with a win and two draws.

After defeating Germany in the 1998 World Cup, Croatia has not won any knockout matches of the FIFA World Cup so far.

There is a possibility of a tough match between the two teams in the pre-quarterfinals, because the defense of both teams is very strong. Only one goal against each has scored in the group stages and that is through penalty.

Where the fortune of Denmark worked for them in the match against Peru, while Croatia is one of the most influential teams of this FIFA World Cup 2018.

Despite making a 3-0 win against Argentina and making several changes to the team against Iceland, winning 2-1 also shows Croatia’s Bench Strength. Both teams have the opportunity to reach the final -8 teams for the second time in FIFA World Cup history.

The team showed a very defensive game against France, but Denmark’s coach David Herd said that against Croatia, the team will come up with different tactics and play with aggressive skills.

Interesting Facts about Croatia and Denmark:

18: Denmark’s team has not lost matches since their last 18 matches, nine have won and have played other matches as draws.

05: Both the teams have won 2  matches each while 1 was drawn of the 5 match played between both the teams.

1996: Croatia defeated Denmark 3-0 with the help of two goals of Davor Suker in the Euro Cup 1996

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