FIFA World Cup 2018: The Football Carnival is just not a sports event, it’s the celebration of passion and emotions

FIFA World Cup 2018. The 21st edition of the football carnival, which is held every four years is going into knockouts now. starting from Uruguay for the first time in 1930, the FIFA World Cup had been inaugurated at the Luzniki Stadium of Moscow on June 14. In 1930, 4,64,000 people watched the matches in three stadiums where 13 teams participated. But 88 years later, there are 32 teams, 11 venues and millions of people are watching the game at stadiums and on television.

Look at these days in Russia, all things have been diminished in front of FIFA World Cup 2018. There is only one religion, one name and one event which is Football World Cup. Entering into the world of football admirers is to reach the limits of the craze. FIFA World Cup is everywhere nowadays, even in the nations which are not a part of it.

Love for Football Denies the Borders:

In the FIFA World Cup 1990, the British coach Bobby Robson was called by an unknown Englishman living in Adelaide. He said that he is a friend from Belgian TV who had told that Belgian goalkeeper Michel Preud’homme becomes weak to the round post during penalty corners. He said this much only, Bobby, I thought, let me tell you. Its universal attraction is hidden in this craze of football.

Different Colours of Celebration in Russia:

The colors of football have changed. Russia has also been completely colored in the colors of the football world where the enthusiasm of people is limitless. Whether it is the coldest city of Kazan or the host of the opening ceremony, the enthusiasm of the fans everywhere is at the peak of Moscow.

Russia is hosting this event for the very first time. Local fans want to see football superstar Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

Russia is also warmly welcoming foreign fans. A group of South American supporters marched Rex Square with a hawk last week and took photographs with the shopkeepers. In response, local fans of Russia also gathered and positively began to slogan ‘Russia Russia’.

This passion is more in the other cities outside of Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin also said in his address broadcast on television in the 2 weeks ago that $ 13 billion has been spent in this event and it should be ‘never forgetting’ experience for everyone. He said, ‘We want this event to be like a festival, which is full of passion.’

Positive Approach from Russian Football Community:

Russia’s football community has appealed to the stakeholders of the game and fans around the world that leaving behind the negativity join them in the tournament. Director General of the Russian Football Federation, urged football fans from around the world to ignore ‘some negative comments’.

Entire World is eyeing on the FIFA World Cup 2018:

However, the football matches are organized at 11 stadiums only but 204 countries are watching it on the television or internet. Football is the most loved, watched and played sport in the world.

FIFA World Cup 2018 is now not an event but it has been an expression to show love, passion and zeal for your favorite team and players. It’s not only a sport nowadays, it’s an expression of own enthusiasm. It’s something which can not be described in words.

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