FIFA World Cup 2018: The Milestone Heroes of the Football Carnival

The Milestone Heroes. After 32 days of clash in the FIFA World Cup 2018, France crowned new champion. This FIFA World Cup has found many new stars, which can be compared to players like Pelé and Maradona in the future. Let’s know in this episode about the five star footballers and the Milestone Heroes emerging from the FIFA World Cup in 2018…

Kylian Mbappé:

The 19-year-old Frenchman has surprised everyone by his fast speed. His performance against Argentina was astonishing. After spending 444 minutes on the field he scored 4 goals.

He become the youngest player to score a goal in the FIFA World Cup final.  Mbappe was only 19 years, 207 days old when he scored this goal. Earlier, Brazilian legendary player Pele (17 years, 249 days) became the first teen age player to achieve this feat in 1958.

Romelu Lukaku:

This striker of Red Devils made a fantastic start in the FIFA World Cup. He scored two goals each against Panama and Tunisia. His game was also fantastic against Japan. Thanks to this great player, the team reached the third spot.

Thibaut Courtois:

With the maximum of 27 goal stop in this FIFA World Cup, the Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was given the Golden Gloves Award for his spectacular goalkeeping. Although there were four such goal-keepers, besides Thibaut, they spoiled the strikes of the rival teams with their superb defense.

Antoine Griezmann:

Antoine Griezmann, the attacking midfielder of France put 19 goals on goal post in this FIFA World Cup. Apart from this, he also scored 4 goals. He was also the player who scored the first penalty in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Harry Kane:

England’s 23-year-old captain Harry Kane has been honored with the Golden Boot at the FIFA World Cup this time. This player has contributed significantly for Three Lions to reaching the semi-finals. Harry Kane, who scored hat-tricks against Panama, scored six goals in this FIFA World Cup.

Luka Modric: 

Croatia’s captain and midfielder Luka Modric has left an impression of his football skills. Have played 604 minutes in six matches and have run 63 km and scored goals.

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