FIFA World Cup 2018: The Unique Superstitions of the Players for Win

The unique superstitions of footballers participating in the World Cup are also shocking. For example, someone believes in his lucky winning underwear, then someone wants to be successful through dieting and work.

Sports psychologist Dan Abrahams said, “Every player has a rule before the match. Generally, there is no concern about their performance but players feel like this.”

Players and their Superstitions:

The suppression of superstition in the players and coaches is that they want to try every action to be successful.

Colombian goalkeeper René Higuita believes that wearing a blue underwear will help him.

The German striker Mario Gomez uses the left-handed toilette before the match.

Gomez’s fellow player Julian Draxler prepares him with perfume before the big match.

Some players like Phil Jones of England do not like to walk on the white line while Brazilian Defender Marcelo Vieira always put his right leg first on the pitch.

Morocco’s Harv Rennard wears white shirts, However, he got success in the African Cup of Nations but not in the FIFA World Cup.

Before the match of in the FIFA World Cup 1998, the players of France used to rub hands on the goalkeeper Barthes’ bald head. Defender Laurent Blanc used to kiss on his head before every match. France won the FIFA World Cup 1998.

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