FIFA World Cup 2018: Women of Iran Raising Their Voice at Football Mahakumbha

Two days ago Saudi Arabia has allowed women to drive cars. There is continual improvement and change, while the excesses and restrictions on women are increasing in Iran. The Iranian government has ordered that men and women of Iran do not watch FIFA World Cup 2018 matches together at hotel, restaurants or any such public place.

Men are allowed to watch matches anywhere, but women, especially young girls, have been told to watch the match at home. Husbands and fathers are expected that they will not take women from home for matches neither they let them go alone.

Indeed, it has happened that some girls in the match of Iran reached the stadium with their poster for freedom. They also shouted slogans during the match. The Iranian government immediately instructed their channels to show Iran matches’ news only by eliminating the views of such movements.

The government says that the first thing is that women should not go to the stadium to watch football matches because the men wear half pants while playing football. Government officials of Iran are ascertaining that there were slogans and sloganeering girls at the stadium. It is being told that the girls who do such acts will be punished.

Women of Iran on their Government’s Order:

Aliya of Iran, who had been spinning in the Kremlin area of ​​Moscow said bravely that “When the world is opening its doors, then the Iranian government is acting rigidly. Especially, efforts are being made to capture women in the house. We love our country, but this does not mean that all restrictions will be imposed on us. There is a change in Saudi Arabia and our people are not ready to understand.”

She also added that “Being a girl is a curse. Whenever we get the chance, we will raise our voice on the international stage. We are seated differently in the match and can not get out without hijab. It is a pure infidelity and should be protested against it.”

Effect on the Government:

5 days ago Iran Government allowed the women to watch the match against Portugal in stadium. This is considered as a big victory of Iranian women against their government.

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