Football: The Love and Passion Beyond the Boundaries

Football is played all over the world, but actually, mostly it is a game of two continents, Europe and South America. If both these continents are eliminated, then how much football is left?

The mood of these two continents is quite different. Football is the spirit in South America, while its a system in Europe. The European system is so good and comprehensive that players from all over the world walk there. All the players from African and Asian teams such as Japan and South Korea go to the European countries make their game worthwhile by playing into European leagues so that they can compete internationally.

The passion of the different leagues!

So it is interesting to see what is the situation of nationalism on the international stage of football? Some of the major football tournaments are played between countries. But the importance of various leagues in Europe is not less than that.

Europe’s Euro Cup and South America’s Copa America are of great importance. However FIFA World Cup is a World Cup, but the world’s most watched matches are from the Champions League. This is the clash of European football clubs. Their TV viewers are all over the world, not just in Europe.

Similarly, Europeans are no less patriots. But their interest is more in the league of their country or neighboring countries. The interest in the La Liga, Bundesliga or English Premier League matches is not less than that of the FIFA World Cup.

The audience from all over the world:

The faithful audiences of Rial Madrid, Bayern Munich or Chelsea will not be of those countries. The supporters of Barcelona cab be found all over the world.

The League of Europe has thus created a parallel nationality or sub-nationality in football, in which the committed supporters will be more than the supporters of national teams. Although the transfer of players from one club to another club makes it more interesting.

But even then all the clubs have their identity and the players also get more recognition from their clubs. Salah is more famous for his club Liverpool than Egypt, and Messi is more like a Barcelona player than Argentina’s team.

It is possible that supporters of Barcelona wanted Argentina to win FIFA World Cup, because they wanted their beloved player Lionel Messi to succeed. Same thing can be said about Portugal and Ronaldo.

With the transfer of Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Juventus, the love and priority of audience and fans of him will also transfer.

Latin America with difference:

Latin America’s situation is different from Europe. Nationalism on football are higher than clubs because most of the countries here are developing countries. The color of nationalism in the developing world is somewhat darker. There have been political instability, chaos and dictatorship in these countries for a long time.

In these countries, crooked football has become a symbol of hope, freedom and happiness for the people and still is still. But now we find that love for football is still very much, but the narrow-mindedness and extremism associated with it have diminished.

The ruling people thought that organizing the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, their popularity would increase, but the opposite happened. Brazilian citizen protested against FIFA then.

The elements of parallel Nationalism

At this time there is a relief in the world of fierce and narrow nationalism. If we are fans of another country or team, then we get out of the narrow definition of nationalism.

In this sense, the game makes us more ‘global citizens’ and Watching football world cup, this thing feels more. It is enjoyable to see the audience supporting the teams of different countries.

The attachment to your country and its players is natural. But giving support to sports and players beyond the boundaries of the country liberates us from a narrow level at a different level.

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