Formula One Drops Its Plans for Pre-Season Testing in Bahrain in 2019

The plan for next year’s winter testing in Bahrain has been cancelled by Formula One despite the fact that the majority of Formula One teams were keen on going to the country because of its great weather conditions which would have enabled the teams to experience uninterrupted running.

With this decision, the teams are now left to choose between current test-track Barcelona or go back to former pre-season track of Jerez.

Additionally, Barcelona is no longer deemed as a representative venue ever since Pirelli mandated thinner tyre threads for the Spanish Grand Prix after there were blistering issues reported during testing.

The discussion within the Formula One organization to select Barcelona as a pre-testing track went as far as up to deciding the cost of freight, however, it was announced this week that the teams would have to be committed to Europe for pre-season testing.

Obviously, Barcelona was unhappy with the decision of dropping Bahrain as the pre-season testing track as it saw the winter testing a good source for revenue generation alongside the Spanish Grand Prix.

On the other hand, Jerez, known to have better weather than Barcelona, was last used as a testing venue in 2015 and is known to have resurfaced. This has led the teams to give Jerez one more thought.

Paddy Lowe on the Bahrain 

Williams technical chief Paddy Lowe states that it is clear that Bahrain doesn’t have enough support to be considered a pre-season testing venue, but Barcelona has been suggested and Jerez is still a viable option because of its resurfacing. He also adds that there may be other places to consider but these remain on top of the suggestion list.

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