French Grand Prix 2018: Lewis Hamilton Wins Handsomely

The French Grand Prix returned to Circuit Paul Ricard after 28 years and the excitement was overwhelming. France was an electrifying host to the return of the French Grand Prix after a decade. Mercedes Driver Lewis Hamilton was at the pole position and he used that to the best of his leverage. As the cars raced on the track the fears of rain loomed over the French Grand Prix. 

At the end of the 53rd lap it was Lewis Hamilton who emerged as the winner of the French Grand Prix 2018. Lewis Hamilton was leading throughout and there was literally no catching him. He used the pole position to a great advantage and maintained a lead throughout.

Lewis Hamilton captured the number one position right from the start. This is an emphatic win by Lewis Hamilton.

Penalty proves costly for Vettel:

The Mercedes driver was just extraordinary and so delightful to watch. His pace was magnificent. Sebastian Vettel who finished first at the Canadian Grand Prix seemed off colour and could not replicate the results of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel finished fifth. It was Lewis Hamilton who finished fifth in the Canadian Grand Prix and now he seems to have swapped places with Vettel in the French Grand Prix. 

Sabestian Vettel has now lost his championship lead as Hamilton comes at par. Vettel had crashed in Bottas for which he had to face a 5 second penalty. The Penalty was indeed costly.

Here are the final results:

  1. Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes 
  2. Max Verstappen: Red Bull
  3. Kimi Raiokkenen: Ferrari
  4. Daniel Ricciardo: Red Bull
  5. Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari
  6. Kevin Magnussen: Haas 
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