Gasly cannot be as good as Verstappen immediately: Horner

Pierre Gasly is all set to replace Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull in the next season. Daniel Ricciardo stunned everyone when he decided to make a switch to Renault against anticipations of an extended stay at Red Bull.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner feels that it will be rather unfair to expect Pierre Gasly to match up to Max Verstappen’s performance right from the very beginning. Red Bull does expect big things from Pierre but it wants to give him sometime to get into the groove of things as stated by Horner.

A golden opportunity has knocked Gasly’s door with Ricciardo’s departure paving way for his promotion from Toro Rosso which happens to be the sister outfit of Red Bull Racing.

Pierre Gasly lacks the experience as he has not yet even competed one full season in F1 and on the other end Max Verstappen has been putting up some exceptional performances.

Max Verstappen won the Mexican GP last weekend and now Red Bull is backing him to win the world championship next year after the Honda switch of engine comes to place.

Horner on Gasly:

Christian Horner has no second thoughts despite Gasly’s little experience that he’s the right man for the job. Horner said that as much as it’s a challenge for Pierre, he’s up for the same.

After the Mexican GP Daniel Ricciardo stated that he would not finish the season with Red Bull. Ricciardo looked angry after he had to retire and lost his chances of winning despite starting from the pole position.

In his outrage he stated that he’s done with Red Bull and will Gasly drive in the last two races. Ricciardo backtracked from his words later though and decided to finish the season with Red Bull.

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