Going without Hyper-soft will be an advantage in Monaco GP

The director of Force India Andy Green Said, the teams who will be going to avoid the hyper-soft tyres in the Monaco GP will be in an advantageous position in the race.

The hyper-soft tyres are making its debut this season which resulted in a second a lap faster in the practice session on Thursday. But the question about its longevity is a concern which was visible in few cars suffering more than others.

This is the reason some cars run on the more conventional tyres, this allows the drivers to run for a longer duration from the starting. Potentially they race with a combination of ultra-soft/super-soft tyres combination and going without hyper-soft tyres.

Comments on Hyper-soft 

With most of the top teams, the clearing phase of the Q2 become harder and the starting tyre may give a one-second difference between the ultrasoft tyre and the hypersoft.

“The hypersoft seemed quite aggressive,” said Green. “It is almost a proper qualifying tyre which should be good for the show, I think.

“Everyone will try to do one stop – some of the bigger teams will look to try to qualify for something other than the hyper, which may be they have the margin to do. Its a risky strategy around here.

“It [the hypersoft] is quite tricky because the front tyres can grain, particularly if you’ve got a bit of understeer in the car,” Chester said. ”

It will be quite difficult for the teams to handle hyper-soft with the new road evolution, but let’s wait for the Saturday FP3 when the teams try to qualify while understanding the track evolution.

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