HAAS' appeal against Grosjean's disqualification ruled out by FIA court

With respect to an appeal against Grosjean, HAAS lost out in FIA’s international court of appeal. HAAS had lodged an appeal against the disqualification handed over to Romain Grosjean during the Italian GP. After which he was found guilty of running an illegal floor. Grosjean’s sixth-place finish was quashed after he was found guilty of the same.

On Thursday after the hearing in FIA court, the verdict of the stewards was upheld. Renault had complained at Monza with regards to the floor of Grosjean’s car.

Stewards found him guilty of a violation and awarded him a disqualification post the protest initiated by Renault. The floor did not comply with the regulations laid down by the FIA ahead of the summer break.

HAAS argued that they did not have enough time at their disposal to make the changes and hence needed an exception. There must a radius of 50 mm at each corner of the reference plate as per the regulations laid down by the FIA.

Grosjean’s qualification issue:

The penalty from Stewards resulted in HAAS falling behind Renault in the constructor’s championship following which Renault delivered some strong performances.

As of now while Renault is fourth in the constructor’s ratings, HAAS is at the fifth place.

Recently HAAS announced that it will be retaining both of its present drivers for the next season. With just two races left for the season to be concluded, HAAS has a lot to catch up.

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