I am my ‘biggest enemy’: Sebastian Vettel

Biggest enemy. Singapore Grand Prix is just around the corner and Sebastian Vettel is still upbeat despite the setback at Monza. The Ferrari driver feels that his team still has all the chances to win the world championship title even though he is trailing behind Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes by a large margin.

Can he learn from his mistakes and turn the tables around?

Sebastian Vettel as his own biggest enemy 

Vettel said that in the title fight he himself is his biggest enemy. His love for errors and mistakes on the tracks costing him the races has now fetched heavy criticism from fans.

He would make his way to the Singapore Grand Prix with a deficit of 30 points in the world championship in comparison to Lewis Hamilton.

One more mistake costing him a win can dash his championship hopes forever. While Lewis Hamilton will look to win as he has the impetus with him. Also the Mercedes will be on a hattrick in terms of winning the Singapore GP.

Despite having the best car on the tracks, Vettel has been unable to deliver clinical finishes, rather he has been seen skidding and spinning on the tracks. Ferrari have a car that is faster than that of Mercedes and Ferrari would once again be the favourites to win the Singapore Grand Prix against all odds.

Can Vettel keep himself alive in the world championship or will Lewis Hamilton become invincible?

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