I'm confident, I'll come clear on rape allegations: Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s most popular footballer, hopes he is one of the happiest persons in the world. And he is full of confidence that he will be acquitted of rape allegations and charges.

In a press conference during a match of Champions League, Juventus player Ronaldo said that he was accused of raping a woman in the Las Vegas hotel and he has full confidence that he will soon be released with this charge and will be free.

Ronaldo said, “I know I’m like an example. I know 100 percent on the pitch and also outside the pitch. I always smile. I’m a happy person. Have a blessing with me. I am playing with a very good club. I have a good family.”

Ronaldo further added that “I have four children I’m fit. I have everything. Other things do not affect me.”

He said with full confidence “I am very happy.”

Ronaldo repeated his statement on rape allegations

Ronaldo laughed on the same repeated question of a journalist and said “you have not heard carefully what I said – I’m a happy person. I gave a statement two weeks ago that I am happy.”

He said “I can not lie in any situation and I am very happy. My lawyer is also quite confident. And I am also with him. But the most important thing in all of these is that I am enjoying playing football.”

He further said “I am with good people. The truth will come in front of everyone. That’s why I am fine.”

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