India’s Chance To Qualify For FIFA World Cup, A Big Question!

India’s Chance To Qualify For FIFA World Cup. The population of the world is more than 7.6 billion. In the FIFA World Cup 2018, a total of 736 players are taking part and the number of Indian players is zero. There is a debate on India’s absence in Football World Cup. But what is the reason why India can not prepare World Cup-winning players?

How are world-class players produced and whether India will ever be able to do that?

There is a lot to do to become a professional football player. Apart from physical and mental work, strategic skills are also important. Best coaching, world-class facilities and sweating thousands of hours in practice can produce a proper professional football player.

Sepp Blatter, the former FIFA president, once said that India is the sleeping lion of the football world.

There has also been a remarkable improvement in the ranking of Indian male football team in the past four years. In the year 2014, the Indian team was 170th in the world, now at number 97. Indian Super League (ISL), I-league and Youth League are playing important role in the promotion of football in India.

Essential Efforts to play football?

In football, the player has to perform small movements at very high speed. For this, every player needs physical strength, stamina, powerful legs, footwork, ability to change direction quickly, speed, fast running and stopping, physical balance etc. These physical abilities are essential for success in the football field.

Running is the most important part of football and some players run for 14.5 kilometers till the match ends and many times they catch the speed of 35 km per hour on the field. Compared to the other sports, the need to run in football is more.

Expert views:

Dr Vijay Subramaniam, who works with international players, says, “In football, you need some special physical abilities. Strong backs, stomach and groin are important. It is important to have muscle strengthening to hit the ball faster ‘.

He says, “There is no fixed height for the players. If a player’s stature is small then he can do well with drizzle. Long players can run good and scuffle in the airs’.

Lionel Messi, the star player of Argentina and Barcelona are a good example of the magnificent dribbler of short stature. Vijay says that just like Messi many players from South American countries are short and the lack of center of gravity helps them dribble the ball.

“In the last few years, Indian players have improved in terms of physical fitness,” Vijay says. This has not only happened in football but also in other games. ”

“Cristiano Ronaldo is among the world’s most fit players. He jumps and leaps such that it becomes difficult for the defenders. He is a strong player in the field, which is difficult to face.”

Psychological Views:

Savio says, “People generally think that the basic difference between Indian players and Westerners is physical power, but I think Indian players tend to be more backward in technical efficiency and strategic skills.”

Novy Kapadia, the sports journalist and football expert, says, “Many people in India feel that to become a professional player, coaching should start from the age of five or six to seven years of age, but it is only a perception that in reality No results can come out.”

Kapadia says that children should be sent to the field until 12-13 years of age.

Infrastructure and Technology:

According to Pendse, the important things of a football like a ball control, dribbling, running with the ball and other strategies can teach a good coach. Unfortunately India has been backward in this case and it is very much needed some better coaches.

Can India find Ronaldo-Messi?

Even though the Indian team is only achieving some success with delay, but the question remains that whether India can produce a talent like Messi or Ronaldo? Saviyo says, “If football culture develops in India, then a star player will be born automatically. Then this question will probably not be needed.”

Messi or Ronaldo is just a name. India has also given great players like Baichung Bhutia, IM Vijayan, Peter Thangraj. Remember Sunil Chhetri too.

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